Maximum restoration

Restoration of old furniture.

Neglected wooden furniture often suffers from a build-up of dirt and grime, and the diminished colour and lustre result in a dull appearance. The mahogany writing desk, if for example was ugly watermarks that marred the top that also needed attention. It’s easy to restore old wooden furniture on a DIY basis, but you need to ensure the correct products. We do that service for you with all our experience and careful.

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Maximum construction is a full construction company

Whether you’re a concrete contractor, a general contractor, an engineer, an architect or a homeowner, Amaximum Construction you have just a call us. Working together we will help your next project reach its full potential.

Our main people-oriented style has led to our long-term success. Our goal is not to look at your project as a one-time engagement for our services. Rather, we are committed to meeting your objectives so that we become your "go-to" resource for your construction needs now and in the future. And, regardless of our role, we take on the responsibility of translating your ideas into a building that balances budget and timing with functionality and global vision.

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