3 Easy Ways to Care for Your Deck So It Always Looks Great

If you enjoy lounging in wonderful weather, enjoying spending time socializing with your loved ones, a well-maintained and good-looking deck can be a great outdoor living space for most homes. This is why it is very important to make sure that if you have a deck at your home, it is advisable to keep the deck properly maintained and clean to make the most of these moments. To make sure that the deck is properly maintained, we at aMaximum Construction are trained and experienced to handle all deck repair and maintenance services.

Our team understands that exposure to different weather and regular wear and tear means your deck requires to be repaired, professionally cleaned, and maintained. In this blog, we help you understand the three common ways to care for your deck so it always looks great.

Basic Maintenance

One of the common ways to care for your deck is to perform basic maintenance, including sweeping. Sweeping the deck every day and keeping it free from leaves and twigs offer many benefits in the long term. Apart from keeping its appearance and maintaining the potential performance, it is important to get rid of the leaves and twigs as they contain tannins which can stain the decking. Also, piles of leaves can retain moisture resulting in mold or even rot. It is advised that a stiff broom is regularly used to sweep the deck and get rid of any leaves that will be stuck between boards. Regular basic maintenance makes it easy to maintain your deck.

Intermediate Care

Apart from basic maintenance such as regularly sweeping the deck, it is also important to perform intermediate care at least once a year. While you regularly sweep the deck, you should give a thorough clean to your deck, using water and soap, scrub the deck to make a big difference to the appearance.

Full Deck Treatment

Full treatment to the deck with a long-acting surfactant is also required on top of sweeping the deck with a stiff broom and washing it with soapy water. While there are different products available that work to varying degrees, the effectiveness of any of them will depend on the environment it is used in, such as a lot of rain or sun can cause the protection to wear out faster. Make sure if you notice something unsightly on the deck, immediately clean it as ignoring it for longer makes it harder to remove it later.


The above-listed are some of the common ways that can help you maintain your deck, make sure you regularly wash and clean, repair, and sand, and seal your deck to have it looking like new, offering you the space for you to spend time year-round and increasing your property resale value.

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