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3 Popular Styles Of Residential Decks In Toronto

The residential deck area is a perfect addition to any home property as it is a space to entertain, chill with loved ones, or a place to have a quiet moment for yourself. There are many different types of residential decks and, depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can install decking on an unused side yard, over a garage, or even nestled against a slope.
This is what at aMaximum Construction we are skilled and experienced deck contractors in Toronto. We have years of experience completely transforming properties with various shapes and designs. Our team is skilled to offer a whole host of backyard residential deck ideas, so feel free to contact us for strong and beautiful decks. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share the three popular types of residential decks in Toronto.

Multi-Tier Deck

If you have a large property or it has changed in elevation,Ā  a multi-tier residential deck can be a perfect option. This is because it provides different levels of decking that will be connected by steps. Also, for homeowners that have terrain, hills, slopes, or rocky landscaping, a residential multi-tier deck can be a great option you can accommodate. Apart from creating distinct spaces on different levels and maximizing your space, reliable and well-installed decks offer many benefits including adding a strong visual appeal to your property. Contact us at aMaximum Construction to get an elaborate, beautiful design of the residential deck.

Rooftop Deck

For homeowners with a flat roof to work with on their property, consider a rooftop deck can be a great idea. With our structural and engineering aspects, aMaximum Construction deck contractors ensure that your deck will be stable and safe. A rooftop residential deck is a great option for urban dwellers as it provides greater views than ground-level decks, more privacy, and also can offer breezes more with the elevation. Depending on your design, our contractors can handle different shapes and levels to create something truly beautiful for your home.

Wraparound Deck

Another type of residential deck from which to choose is the wraparound deck that can be larger, more uneven, and look like a room. While these decks usually tend to be slightly elevated, they offer many benefits such as extending the living space of your property, helping with air circulation throughout the house when the doors are open and allowing you access to the sun or shade throughout the day.


The above-listed are some of the most popular types of residential decks in Toronto, also it is important to consider the wood choices including cedar, exotic hardwood, and pressure-treated wood.
aMaximum Construction is a deck contractor in Toronto that is reliable and affordable when it comes to residential decks.
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