How aMaximum Repair Damaged Deck Boards

Many homeowners with decks that have years of use, may experience repair issues at some point, with boards beginning to rot, split, or come loose. This is mainly common to those deck boards that have not been properly maintained through regular cleaning, staining, and sealing. While some homeowners prefer to perform deck repairs on their own,  repairing deck boards can be a complex task that requires professional services, especially in the case of rotted deck boards or split boards.

This is why at aMaximum Construction we offer reliable and affordable deck repair services in Toronto and surrounding areas. If you are looking to save a lot of money and time or avoid deck replacement, contact our deck contractors for high-quality services when it comes to replacing only the worst deck boards. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we learn how aMaximum repair damaged deck boards.

Remove screws

The first thing our repairmen do is to remove the screws using a drill driver, that is if the deck board is screwed to the joist and if the deck board is nailed down, they use a state-of-the-art nail puller to draw out the nails. This makes it easy for the repairmen to get rid of the nails under the wood surface.

Cut off the damaged part

The next thing the repairmen do is to cut off the damaged part, firstly, they use a quick square to mark a cut line with the help of each nail hole, the line is drawn on both sides of the damaged part on the deck. They will then cut off the damaged area so that the ends of the new piece fall in the center of the joist. The oscillating tool is then used to score across the upper part of the board following the markings. The repairmen will now cut through the board completely on both sides, then remove the damaged piece.

Measure for the new piece

After cutting off the damaged area, the repairmen will then measure the area between the existing deck boards, marking a cut line on the new board using a quick square. This is because the new piece must perfectly fit the adjoining pieces.

Cut the new piece of board

Next, the repairmen will lay the new board on the brace with one side on the cut overlapping, they make sure to position the board that way for easy and precise cutting. This also helps avoid pinching the blade and cause dangerous kickback when cutting. After they properly position the board, they will cut with a circular saw.


Attach a new piece of board

Next, depending on the type of screws or nails used to install the deck, the repairmen will either use galvanized nails for consistency or ceramic coated deck screws to attach the new piece of board. To perfectly secure the existing boards in place, they put two nails or screws at an angle for each joist. If required, the repairmen can place the new piece into an open space to secure it in place using two nails or screws for each joist. The screws will be installed in the opposite direction in the existing board.


The aforementioned are some of the steps used on how aMaximum repairmen handle damaged deck boards. If you are looking for reliable and affordable deck repair services in Toronto or surrounding areas, then your search ends here. aMaximum Construction is the leading deck repair service provider offering all types of repairs, installation, and maintenance. feel free to contact our customer service to schedule an appointment or ask for a quotation.  call ( 437 ) 999 37 82 or email us at and we will get back to you.


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