Best Decking Materials for Outdoor Decks

Composite Materials Surge in Popularity: Insights from Home Depot, RENO, and Lowe's Recent independent statistics from retail giants such as Home Depot, RENO, and Lowe's underscore a compelling trend: the rise of composite materials. Despite the fact that composite materials can cost twice as much as wood, consumer preference is shifting markedly towards them.

Most popular DECK materials in 🍁 Newmarket and GTA

When it comes to building an outdoor deck, choosing the right decking material is crucial. The material you select will determine the durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements of your deck. In this article, we will explore the best decking materials available, deck installation costs and pricing, DIY deck building tips, deck design ideas, and how to maintain and care for your deck.

I. Introduction

  • Choosing the right decking material for your outdoor deck is essential for its long-term performance and aesthetic appeal.

II. Best Decking Materials in Newmarket 

  • 1. Pressure-Treated Wood
  • 2. Composite Decking
  • 3. Hardwood
  • 4. PVC Decking
  • 5. Aluminum Decking

III. Deck Installation Cost and Pricing Newmarket 

  • Deck installation costs 10sf by 10sf   vary based on factors such as material  “composite”  from $12.000 and up. Understanding the pricing can help you plan your budget effectively.

IV. DIY Deck Building Tips and Guides

  • Building a deck on your own can be a rewarding project. Here are some essential tips and guides to make your DIY deck building journey a success.

V. Deck Design Ideas and Inspiration

  • Get inspired by these deck design ideas to create a stunning outdoor space that suits your style and enhances your lifestyle.

VI. How to Maintain and Care for a Deck

  • Proper maintenance and care are essential to extend the lifespan of your deck. Follow these tips to keep your deck looking its best.


In conclusion, selecting the best decking material for your outdoor deck is crucial for its longevity, appearance, and maintenance. Consider factors such as durability, cost, and aesthetics when making your decision. Whether you choose pressure-treated wood, composite decking, hardwood, PVC decking, or aluminum decking, ensure that it aligns with your needs and preferences.

Composite Materials Surge in Popularity: 🍁 Insights from Home Depot, RENO, and Lowe’s

Recent independent statistics from retail giants such as Home Depot, RENO, and Lowe’s underscore a compelling trend: the rise of composite materials. Even though composite materials can cost twice as much as wood, consumer preference is shifting markedly toward them.

Why this shift? The answer lies in the numbers. Composite materials offer enhanced durability and reduced maintenance, qualities that resonate strongly with today’s consumers. This preference persists even where the cost of composites reaches more than 200% of the price of traditional wood materials in some regions.

This trend is a clear indicator of consumers’ willingness to invest in higher quality and sustainability, despite the higher upfront costs. It reflects a broader move towards environmentally friendly construction options that offer long-term benefits over initial savings.


What Do I Need to Know Before Building a Deck?

  • Before embarking on a deck-building project, it’s essential to understand the scope, zoning laws, and material options. A solid plan should include the purpose of your deck, the size, location, design preferences, and budget considerations. Researching the best decking materials and understanding the work process involved in deck construction are crucial steps. Visit our main site at Amaximum Construction for more insights.
  • What Are the Responsibilities of a Deck Builder?
  • A deck builder’s responsibilities encompass designing the deck to match the homeowner’s vision, ensuring the structure complies with local building codes, and constructing a durable and safe deck. They should handle everything from obtaining permits to sourcing quality materials. Their expertise ensures the project’s success from start to finish.
  • How Far Apart Should Decking Posts Be?
  • Decking posts should be spaced according to the deck’s size and the weight it will support, typically ranging from 6 to 8 feet apart. This spacing ensures stability and safety. For detailed guidelines tailored to your specific project, our experts at Amaximum Construction can offer personalized advice.
  • What Time of Year Should You Build a Deck?
  • Building a deck can be done in almost any season, but the best time is typically during the spring or early summer when the weather is favorable. However, planning can begin anytime—visit Amaximum Construction to start your project, regardless of the season.
  • How Long Does It Take a Professional to Build a Deck?
  • The timeline for building a deck with a professional varies based on the project’s complexity, but it generally takes one to three weeks once construction begins. For an accurate estimate based on your design, consult with the team at Amaximum Construction, who can provide a timeline tailored to your project.
  • How Many Man-Hours Does It Take to Build a Deck?
  • Building a deck can take anywhere from 50 to 200 man-hours, influenced by the deck’s size, design complexity, and unforeseen challenges. To understand the labor involved, read our article on choosing the best decking materials and the associated labor considerations.



Do I need a permit to build a deck in Toronto?

Yes, for decks above a certain height. It’s essential to check with the City of Toronto for specific requirements. For detailed insights on deck permits, check out this page.

What are the best materials for building a deck in Toronto?

Choices include pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite materials, and more. Each has different costs and maintenance needs. For a comprehensive guide on decking materials, visit here.

How much does it cost to build a deck in Toronto?

Costs vary based on size, material, and design complexity. For an idea of decking prices in Toronto, explore this link.

How long does it take to build a deck?

The timeframe depends on the project size and complexity. Seasonal factors can also play a role. For more on timing, see this page.

What maintenance does my deck require?

Maintenance varies by material but typically includes cleaning, staining, and repairs. For maintenance tips, read more here.

Can I add features like a hot tub to my deck?

Yes, but ensure your deck’s design and structure can support additional features. For deck customization options, explore this guide.

Is composite decking a good choice in Toronto?

Composite decking offers durability and low maintenance, making it a popular choice. For advantages of composite decking, click here.


How do I choose the right deck builder in Toronto?

Look for experience, reputation, and a portfolio of past work. For professional deck building services, consider Amaximum Construction.

Can my deck design be customized?

Absolutely. A good deck builder can tailor the design to suit your space and preferences. Find out more about custom deck designs here.


What should I do if my deck needs repairs?

For minor issues, DIY fixes might work, but for major repairs, consult a professional. Learn about deck repair services here.

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