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How To Repair Wood Decks

Looking for a guide about how to repair wood decks? Whether you are looking to DIY or hire a pro deck contractor, it is good to know the process.

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AMaximum Construction Professional Deck Builders Are Here To Share 3 Easy Ways To Care For Your Deck So It Always Looks Great! Read For More!

A deck does wonders for your home’s value and your quality of life, providing a perfect setting for gatherings, relaxation, and soaking up the sun. Given its pivotal role, maintaining your deck in prime condition is essential. Decks face the brunt of heavy usage and harsh weather, leading to wear like cracks, warping, or even moss and dry rot. Such damage not only diminishes your deck’s appearance but can make it unsafe. Fortunately, AMaximum Construction is at your service, boasting skilled deck builders who excel in deck repair.

Diagnosing Deck Dilemmas

Routine Checks: A proactive approach in regularly inspecting your deck helps catch and rectify problems early, avoiding major repairs. Look out for:

  • Loose Nails: Ensure all floorboards are even and secure, reducing tripping hazards. It’s vital to check the deck’s attachment to your home for any loose nails, screws, or bolts.

  • Cracked Boards: Regular inspections should catch any significant cracking or warping, particularly in areas prone to stress like handrails and joists.

  • Dry Rot: This insidious issue can cause structural damage, so be vigilant for signs like discolored, spongy, or musty-smelling wood.

  • Debris: Leaves and other organic matter can stain your deck and promote mold growth. Keep your deck clean and trim back foliage.

AMaximum Construction’s Deck Rescue Operations

Handling Cracks and Splits: We address decking issues, from minor cracks to major splits, with precision. Our experts might recommend a roll-on deck re-surfacer for minor issues or board replacement for more severe damage, ensuring your deck’s longevity and safety.

Board Replacement: For decks suffering from severe wear or dry rot, we replace the damaged boards to prevent further deterioration.

Combatting Mold and Mildew: Our team employs effective solutions to eliminate harmful growths, keeping your deck in pristine condition.

If you’re puzzled about how to revive your deck, let AMaximum Construction be your guide. With our adept deck builders, you’re assured of the best solutions tailored to your deck’s needs. Connect with us at 437-999-3782 or via email at [email protected] for unparalleled deck repair services.

Embark on a journey of discovery and learn more about our unique approach to deck building and repair through our insightful resources:

With AMaximum Construction, your deck is not just repaired; it’s transformed into a durable, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

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  1. Spot Check for Trouble: Before diving into repairs, take a thorough look at your deck. Scan for any signs of wear like cracks, warping, or rot. If a plank looks sketchy, it’s time for it to hit the road. In other words, a little proactive swap-out now can save you a major headache later. Think of it as a deck triage, identifying which planks need a total makeover and which can survive another season.

  2. Nail It or Screw It Down: Found some nails sticking out like sore thumbs? This isn’t just a trip hazard—it’s your deck crying out for help. Swap those old-school nails with deck screws that won’t budge. This simple switcheroo ensures your boards stay put, cutting down on the wobble and making your deck safer for barefoot adventurers.

  3. Fill in the Gaps: Got cracks that aren’t quite big enough to warrant a full board replacement but still unsightly? Grab some wood filler and patch them up. Make sure to choose a filler that’s flexible and designed for outdoor use, so it can weather the storms alongside your deck. It’s like giving your deck a mini facelift, smoothing over the small imperfections.

  4. Combat the Rot: If you’ve got a case of the rot—don’t panic. First off, assess the damage. If it’s not too deep, you can excise the bad part and fill it with a two-part epoxy. It’s like performing surgery on your deck, cutting out the disease and filling it in with something strong enough to take a beating from Mother Nature.

  5. Seal the Deal: After all repairs are done, don’t leave your deck naked against the elements. Seal or stain it with a weatherproofing product. Think of this as your deck’s sunscreen, protecting it from UV rays and water damage. Plus, it gives your deck that fresh, like-new look, making it ready for all your backyard shenanigans.


The cost to build a deck  starts around $70 per square foot, which includes both materials and labor. Deck construction costs may increase based on design complexity and materials such as composite decking.

A 14×20 deck could cost from $19,600, calculated at the starting cost per square foot to build a deck. If you opt for features like deck building stairs or premium deck materials, the price can vary.

For a 10×12 deck, expect to start at $8,400, based on a standard deck building cost of $70 per square foot. Upgrades like building deck handrails or using deck blocks for a floating deck could affect the final cost.

Yes, a permit is typically required for deck construction, especially if the deck is over two feet high or attached to the house, aligning with building deck regulations.

Deck builders take into account the cost of building a deck, which includes durable materials suited for Ontario’s climate, deck building permits, and labor. Building decks is an investment in your home.

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