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At A-Maximum Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional custom home renovation services, home renovations, and remodeling services across Toronto and the GTA. Our dedication to high-quality work and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted leader in custom home renovation services and complete full transformations. We manage the entire home renovation process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients. Our custom home renovation services include personalized home renovation solutions, tailored home improvement projects, and unique design and build services. We offer comprehensive house renovations, residential remodeling services, and full home transformation projects. With premium quality materials and craftsmanship, superior construction techniques, and attention to detail in every project, we guarantee high-quality work. Our client-focused approach, reliable and transparent communication, and proven track record of happy clients ensure customer satisfaction. As a trusted leader in Aurora, we provide reliable and professional service with extensive experience in the Aurora area. Our services include full home renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and custom additions. At A-Maximum Construction, we ensure that every home renovation project is completed to the highest standards, providing you with a beautiful and functional living space. Contact us today to start your renovation journey!

Why Choose A-Maximum Construction: home renovation contractors

  • Commitment to Excellence: Our seasoned team brings expertise to every project, from kitchen remodels to comprehensive home renovations.

  • Tailored Services: We offer custom solutions, ensuring every renovation reflects your unique style and needs.

  • On Time and Budget: With meticulous planning and management, we guarantee your project will be completed to the highest standards without hidden costs.

Our Renovation Expertise: a Home renovation services company.

  • Kitchens: Modernize your culinary space with our bespoke kitchen renovation services, including cabinetry, countertops, and full-scale design.

  • Bathrooms: Elevate your bathroom with our luxury renovation options, creating a spa-like retreat in your own home.

  • Basements and Beyond: Transform your basement into a vibrant living area or undertake a full home renovation for a fresh, new look.

Transform Your Living Space: with a top, top-notch home renovation service company.

  • Basement Renovation: Unlock the potential of your basement with our expert renovation services. From a cozy family room to a functional home office, let us convert your underused space into one of your favourite places.

  • Bathroom Renovation: Our custom bathroom renovations bring together functionality and luxury to create a serene escape that suits your lifestyle and enhances your home’s value.

  • General Home Renovation: Searching for a total home transformation? Our full-spectrum renovation services are designed to rejuvenate your entire home, delivering a seamless blend of style and comfort.

Quality That Speaks for Itself:

We understand that a home renovation project for homeowners is more than just a construction project; it’s about building the home and new life together of your dreams. That’s why A-Maximum Construction not only promises homeowners exceptional results and quality craftsmanship, but the company and team also ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and expectations. Home energy efficient.

For a personalized consultation and to learn more about how we can elevate home value in your house and living space in your home, visit our main page.

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aMaximum Construction - Best renovation construction service in Toronto & GTA | aMaximum Construction | Basement  Renovations Toronto, Landscaping Services Toronto, Home Renovation Toronto, Fence Installation Toronto.

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Painting, Finishing, Drywall, Framing and Structural Work, Floors, Doors, Tiles, Washrooms

Interior Renovation and Repair kitchen.

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Small Demolition Backfill, Storm Water Management System, Trenches & Narrow Ditches, Underground Services, Walk-Out Basement.

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Electrical Wiring, Circuit Breaker Installation, Electrical Panel Upgrades, Outdoor Electrical Solutions



Assistance in Obtaining Permits, drawings, permits...


Construction & Building

We expertly manage diverse construction projects, including swimming pools, plumbing, and interior house repairs, adapting to any complexity.

aMaximum Construction - Best renovation construction service in aMaximum Construction | Basement  Renovations Toronto, Landscaping Services Toronto, Home Renovation, Installation
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Best price to quality!

"Unlock unbeatable 'Best Price to Quality' value on every kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or full property refurbishment with our expert team"

14 Years Of Experience

"14 Years of Experience: Mastering Renovations, Transformations, and Redesigns for Superior Living Spaces"

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Satisfaction Guaranteed: Trust in Our Expertise for Your Ultimate Renovation Success"

Full Construction Team

"Full Construction Team: Complete Solutions from Start to Finish for Your Renovation Needs"

Professional Workers

"Professional Workers: Skilled, Experienced, and Dedicated to Excellence in Every Renovation Project"

We Know

"We Know: Leveraging Expertise and Insight for Your Ideal Renovation Outcome."

Top Quality Materials

"Top Quality Materials: Ensuring Durability and Elegance in Every Aspect of Your Renovation"


"A.Maximum Construction is a fully qualified, certified, and insured company"

Trusted Service

"Trusted Service: Reliable and Respected for Outstanding Renovation Results"

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What Customers Say About Us

Maxim and his team at A.Maximum Construction beautifully transformed our home. Every detail was thoughtfully considered, making it functional and stunning. Their craftsmanship made us happy!

aMaximum Construction - Best renovation construction service in Toronto & GTA | aMaximum Construction | Basement  Renovations Toronto, Landscaping Services Toronto, Home Renovation Toronto, Fence Installation Toronto.
Ishita Malhotra

Maxim and his team at A.Maximum Construction transformed our home. Every detail was thoughtfully considered, making it beautiful and functional. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail made us happy!

aMaximum Construction - Best renovation construction service in Toronto & GTA | aMaximum Construction | Basement  Renovations Toronto, Landscaping Services Toronto, Home Renovation Toronto, Fence Installation Toronto.
Kylo James

Thanks to Maxim and his team at A.MaximumConstruction, our kitchen renovation was a seamless journey. They transformed our outdated space into a modern, stylish, and highly functional area, showcasing impressive quality and detail.

Renovation service
Rik Noland

The bathroom renovation with Maxim and A.MaximumConstruction was a complete success. They created a luxurious and calming space, optimizing every detail. Their professionalism and craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of the finished work.

Sara Cor
Sara Cor


The timeline for a renovation project can vary greatly depending on the scope. For instance, a kitchen renovation might take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, while a bathroom may take 3 to 5 weeks. It’s important to factor in time for planning, obtaining permits, and material delivery. We strive for efficiency and clear communication throughout the process, which you can read about on our general services page.

Costs can fluctuate based on numerous factors such as the size of the space, the complexity of the job, quality of materials, and labor costs. We provide detailed estimates after a thorough consultation, ensuring transparency and no hidden fees. Explore how we break down costs on our kitchen renovation page.

  1. While renovations can be messy, we take great care to minimize disruption and ensure a tidy workspace. Post-renovation clean-up is a crucial part of our service offering, as detailed on our bathroom renovation page.

The equipment on-site depends on the renovation’s extent. For substantial structural changes, heavier machinery may be required. We ensure all equipment is operated safely and efficiently, respecting your property at all times.

Both parties should be insured to protect against any unforeseen events. We are fully insured, providing peace of mind and reliability. Details on our certifications can be found on our basement renovation page.

Certain renovations may be subject to local zoning laws, especially if they alter the exterior footprint of the home. We navigate these regulations regularly and can assist in the planning stages to avoid any compliance issues.

Most renovations can increase your home’s value, especially updates to kitchens and bathrooms or adding usable square footage like a finished basement. For insights into maximizing your investment, see our services overview page.


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