Affordable 5 Small Contractors Company in Toronto

Discover the best affordable small contractors in Toronto who combine quality, value, and reliability. Get insights on services ranging from quick repairs to full-scale renovations, and find the perfect fit for your project. Read on to learn about their personalized services, competitive pricing, and the impact they have on the local community.

5 Affordable Contractors in Toronto

Contractors in Toronto and GTA

In the ever-evolving landscape of Toronto’s construction scene, small contractors emerge as the go-to professionals for a myriad of projects. Their ability to offer personalized, flexible, and cost-effective services makes them a prime choice for those looking to enhance their spaces without breaking the bank.

1. HandySolutions Property Improvements

HandySolutions Property Improvements offers a comprehensive suite of home renovation services that cater to various needs, from kitchen makeovers to basement renovations in Toronto. Their services are known for being both high-quality and budget-friendly. With a detailed approach to project management, they ensure that all aspects of their work, whether it’s a minor repair or a major renovation, are handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Clients can rest assured that their projects will be executed efficiently, with clear communication from start to finish.

2. Odd Job Handyman Services

Odd Job Handyman Services stands out in the Toronto market for their ability to tackle an array of odd jobs around the house. They have carved out a niche for themselves by offering services that larger contractors might not take on. This includes everything from general contractor services like minor installations and repairs to more specific tasks such as custom carpentry. With Odd Job, homeowners can easily address those little issues that can otherwise become major inconveniences over time, all while keeping costs manageable.

3. Precision Handyman Services

Precision Handyman Services is lauded for their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to delivering perfect results. Their team of skilled professionals brings expertise to every job, ensuring that tasks such as interior bathroom renovations and intricate tile work are completed to the highest standard. They pride themselves on their precision, which is evident in the flawless finish of their work. Clients looking for handyman services with an assurance of quality need look no further than Precision Handyman.

4. E.H. Handyman and Contractor Services

E.H. Handyman and Contractor Services offer a robust array of options for those in need of reliable and thorough contracting work. They understand the unique challenges that come with each project and are equipped to provide solutions that blend creativity with functionality. Their service list extends to demolition, where they carefully deconstruct spaces while preparing for new construction, always prioritizing safety and client specifications.

5. Colour Art Reno & Painting

Colour Art Reno & Painting brings a splash of color and a breath of fresh air to any project they undertake. Specializing in both interior and exterior painting, their team understands the transformative power of a good paint job. They combine this with their renovation expertise to offer comprehensive trusted local handyman services that revamp and rejuvenate spaces. With a focus on aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality, Colour Art ensures that each stroke of the brush contributes to the overall beauty and value of the property


They provide diverse fencing solutions, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. For more details, visit their Fence Contractor Services.

Their deck building process involves custom designs and high-quality materials. Find out more on their Deck Builder Contactor page.

General contractor services include renovations, additions, and new constructions. Learn about the full scope on the General Contractor Services page.

They provide a wide range of handyman services, from minor repairs to larger installations. Check out Trusted Local Handyman Services for more information.

Key aspects include design, moisture control, and functionality. Read more at Basement Renovation.

It involves layout redesign, plumbing updates, and modern fixtures installation. Visit Interior Bathroom Renovation for insights.

Their excavation services range from site preparation to demolition. Details can be found on the  Excavation Services page.

You can easily book services using their Online Booking system.

Factors include project size, material quality, and design complexity. Learn more at Expensive Parts of Basement Renovation.

They focus on detailed planning, quality materials, and client communication. See their Work Process for more details.

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